SARE CRESCENT PARC ROYAL GREENS PHASE -2, sec-92 Gurgaon. Welcome to a place where every moment of life is worth a celebration. A place where your dreams begin to unfold. Where you rediscover life?s little pleasures. Where happiness is nurtured in every nook and corner. And above all, a place you?d be proud to call your home. Welcome to the Royal Greens. Set amongst 50 acres approximately (expandable) of pristine natural environs, and yet conveniently connected to every important location in Gurgaon

Price List
Type Size B.S.P. Total Cost* Floor Plan
3 BHK 1314 sq.ft. Rs.3,600/- Rs.47,30,400/-
3 BHK 1482 sq.ft. Rs.3,600/- Rs.53,35,200/-
3 BHK 1516 sq.ft. Rs.3,600/- Rs.54,57,600/-
4 BHK 1620 sq.ft. Rs.3,600/- Rs.58,32,000/-

*Note:- Other Expense as applicable.

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