Mapsko City Homes, kundli, Sonipat. A unique living concept, with independent floors that guarantees more space, freedom and privacy. City Homes is a “home away from home” spread across a sprawling lush green landscape within the quaint environment of the NCR region. It faces the commercial Sector-3 of Sonepat and just minutes away from the Delhi border. City Homes promise a life of abundant luxury and greenery.

Price List
Type Size B.S.P. Total Cost* Floor Plan
3 BHK 180 sq.yd. Rs.8,328/- Rs.14,99,040/-
3 BHK 180 sq.yd. Rs.6,662/- Rs.11,99,160/-
3 BHK 180 sq.yd. Rs.7,495/- Rs.13,49,100/-
3 BHK 270 sq.yd. Rs.12,593/- Rs.34,00,110/-
3 BHK 270 sq.yd. Rs.10,371/- Rs.28,00,170/-
3 BHK 270 sq.yd. Rs.11,482/- Rs.31,00,140/-
4 BHK 350 sq.yd. Rs.11,143/- Rs.39,00,050/-
4 BHK 350 sq.yd. Rs.10,000/- Rs.35,00,000/-
4 BHK 350 sq.yd. Rs.10,572/- Rs.37,00,200/-

*Note:- Other Expense as applicable.

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